by Brielle Brilliant

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KP is the brother of a mass shooter. JD is the shooter's number 1 fan. The pair drives through rural Idaho, the physical and psychological landmarks of the violence imposing themselves on the characters and the reader. The Spud is a puzzle: thinking/watching/living a movie rerun…

After murdering 12 people at a bakery in Driggs, Idaho, Anthony Paxton turns the gun on himself and shoots. In the aftermath, his brother works as a deliveryman, haunted by Anthony’s journey from founding the antisocial group Damning the Damned to killing all those people. The constant replaying of those memories is only interrupted once a girl from the local high school jumps into his delivery truck with a gun of her own and no clear agenda.

Brielle Brilliant’s debut is a flash-fiction novel for fans of Natural Born Killers and Badlands, thrusting them into a world of violence, guns, sex, and existentialism. With a form inspired by great indie cinema, the story unfolds in scenes associatively, delivering an emotionally wrenching ride alongside lusty teen rebellion.


Praise for Spud

I can’t think of another writer like Brielle Brilliant right now. She’s doing something really unforgettable with language and narrative and memory and time. The Spud blew me away.
— Scott McClanahan, author of The Sarah Book
These pages transform the faceless mass of a deadly crime into a road map of experience, a constellation of characters circling a single red dot as it drifts to center.
— Amelia Gray, author of Isadora
Do not be deceived by this book’s brevity. The emotional cross-currents of The Spud run deep. Somehow both disorienting and direct in its delivery, The Spud captures the essential allure of violent thoughts and the fallout for those left behind when such thoughts turn to action. Poignant, timely, bizarre, and heartfelt: this tiny text will fuck you up.
— Leyna Krow, author of I'm Fine, But You Appear to Be Sinking

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About the author

Brielle Brilliant is a self-authorized investigator who writes, films, and prank calls. She likes to box and moves around a lot.

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