DIGITAL: The Tennessee Highway Death Chant


DIGITAL: The Tennessee Highway Death Chant


by Keegan Jennings Goodman

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In a purgatory at the banks of the Hiwassee River in southeastern Tennessee, two teenagers, the garrulous John Stone and the young Jenny Evenene, barrel through an endless night in a Firebird Trans Am. As Jenny wakes each morning, the same morning, and chronicles the events of her final day, her mind reaches back into the recesses of time, collecting a mythical past that bleeds into the details of her violent end. John drinks beer and philosophizes about the nature of reality and consciousness. The two heroes drive through the night, drinking cold American beer and listening to the country music station, hurling themselves into the darkness beyond the headlights.

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Praise for The Tennessee Highway Death Chant

Keegan Jennings Goodman’s Tennessee Highway Death Chant melds the limitless, pensive texture of a Tarkovsky film with the logic of Nabokov, prying the lid off of the edges of our continuously repeating, and yet never fully catalyzable, experience of death. A singular work that bends to no trend and bats no eye while treading head on into the fundament.
— Blake Butler, author of Scorch Atlas and 300,000,000

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About the Author

Keegan Jennings Goodman grew up in the Ozark Mountains, went to college in New York, then art school in Chicago, and now lives in Toronto, where he is working on a dissertation about the French philosopher Georges Bataille.

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